14 Recoveries, 279 New Coronavirus Cases, Total Now 1604

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) announced 279 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, 14 new recoveries and 1 death from the virus.
According to the MOPH website, some new cases of the virus are from travellers returning from abroad and people who have had contact with these travellers, including citizens and residents. The newly infected cases are now in quarantine where they are receiving necessary medical care.
MOPH conducted laboratory tests to detect the coronavirus for 3806 people on 5th April 2020, bringing the total number of tests to 35,757 so far.
In addition, 14 cases of recovery were registered today, bringing the total number of people having recovered in the State of Qatar to 123.
“The Ministry of Public Health announces the death of an 88-year-old Qatari citizen who was suffering from several chronic diseases and who was admitted to hospital due to acute bacterial infection in the blood which ultimately led to his death. It was discovered at the same time that he was infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19). The deceased received intensive medical care upon his arrival at the hospital on Tuesday, March 3, and was given the necessary treatment and care, but his condition deteriorated resulting in his death this morning.” MOPH added to their website.
For more information, please visit: MOPH

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