1461 Recoveries, 1060 New Coronavirus Cases, Total Now 91838

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) announced 1060 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 1461 recoveries from the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of people recovered from the disease in the State of Qatar to 74,544 cases. The Ministry also announces two new deaths due to the virus.


​The Ministry also announces that during the past 24 hours, 11 cases were admitted to intensive care due to health complications resulting from the virus, bringing the total of cases currently receiving intensive care to 212.
The Ministry of Public Health pointed to the decrease in the number of daily cases that require intensive care, as the number of daily cases that require hospitalization is decreasing, but warned that infections may rise again if the community’s commitment to precautions and preventive measures decreases.
The Ministry of Public Health explains that the new cases had the infection transmitted to them from people who had been previously infected, as the Ministry of Public Health continues to conduct investigative and proactive investigations, which contributes to early detection of cases.
The new confirmed cases have completely isolated in the various medical facilities in the country, where they are receiving the necessary health care according to the health status of each case.
The Ministry stated that the two deaths that were recorded today had received the necessary medical care, and were aged 57 years and 60 years.
The Ministry of Public Health states that the Coronavirus epidemic is gradually declining in the State of Qatar due to the precautions and preventive measures implemented by the state and the commitment to them it by members of the community with a recent decrease in the number of infections. This is considered a reassuring indicator, but it does not mean the end of the epidemic as the virus is still present in the community.
The Ministry indicates that the number of daily infections among citizens and residents (other than expatriate workers) is increasing and has multiplied several times from what it was in May, despite the decrease in the total daily infections in the State of Qatar.
The Ministry cautioned that most of the infections in these two categories belong to members of the same family and that the source of the infections is often due to social mixing with friends or other relatives. Care must be taken not to transmit the virus, especially to the elderly and those with chronic diseases.
In this context, the Ministry has advised the community to be more careful than before and to continue physical distancing, handwashing and wear a protective facemask as well as being careful when the person is near a family member of the elderly or with chronic diseases. Also, reduce the number of necessary social visits and keep a safe distance.
The Ministry of Public Health warns that the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed by Qatar since June 15 after the epidemic has receded in the country, does not mean the lax implementation of precautionary measures and steps by community members because the virus is still present in the community.
The Ministry stresses that in the event of a decline in the degree of caution among members of society, it is very likely that the epidemic will return again, forcing a return to square one.
The Ministry advises that through the commitment of people and limiting the spread of the virus, the transition is from one stage to another in lifting the restrictions, as the matter depends on the extent of applying precautionary measures while avoiding family visits as much as possible. The Ministry of Health has developed indicators through which it evaluates both daily and weekly the current situation then submitting recommendations to the Cabinet regarding progress and transition from one stage to another of the plan.
The Ministry of Public Health urges anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 to contact the unified helpline (16000) or to go to one of the virus testing centres since the earlier detection of the disease results in a better chance of recovery.
The main screening centres include Muaither Health Center, Rawdat Al Khail Health Center, Umm Slal Health Center, and Al Gharafa Health Center.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry devoted this website to see the latest information and instructions related to COVID-19.
For more information, please visit: MOPH

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