2018 Maserati Levante – The Luxury Brand With Mesmerizing Features.

The 2018 Maserati Levante is available in two trim variations – the Levante GranLusso and the Levante GranSport.  In GranLusso, the focus is on the luxury features and in the GranSport, it is all about the engine performance and technical features. Both the models powered by Maranello-V6 petrol engine, the advance drive features including drive assistance and state of the art power steering system equipped with multiple control features on the steering wheel.

The origin of luxury automobile brand Maserati dated back to December 1, 1914, in Bologna, Italy founded by Alfieri Maserati. The name Maserati stands as a synonym for social status because of its elegance and style. Each of their automobiles carries something unique, and that makes it very special.  Maserati started its voyage after the First World War by producing racing cars, and the company has a rich history of 95 years unparalleled racing achievements, uncompromising design, excellent interior, and superior performance.

The successful production Maserati starts from 1926 and over continued innovations, and change of some ownership, under the new owners Fiat and Alfa Romeo in 2018 Maserati introduced the Levante line up.

Maserati has always maintained a tradition of naming their car after the most notorious/famous strong winds. It all started with the naming of Mistral, followed by Ghibli, the Bora, and the dry, hot sandy wind Khamsin. The latest addition to the famous wind line up of Maserati is Levante.

It is interesting to know the characteristics of Levante wind, which blows over the Mediterranean dessert transforming instantly into a mighty force from a low profile. The name reflects the exact nature of the SUV, where it is powerful and in the meantime always under control.  The power of the engine will always be under the control of the driver, and behind the wheel, you will have a smooth experience, irrespective of the drive terrain and transmission.

Its interior features are beyond our imagination.  Hand stitched leather seats, side panels and dashboard add up its rich elegance. The rest of the interiors given fine tuning with black piano or wood trim offers an aristocratic look.  Its aluminum rotary knob on the infotainment system makes maneuvering within your control.  Besides, you can find many other features like 580 litter boot space, 60/40 foldable rear seats, excellent storage space, etc., which have designed intelligently for giving maximum comfortable drive.

It also features with an optional kick sensor positioned beneath the rear bumper making it easy to open the rear door by moving your foot.  Besides, it comes with dual zone climate control system, and also available with a 4 zone optional climate control system and device to check the air quality.

The innovative door closing system is another unique feature of the Maserati Levante.  When you kept the door slightly opened it automatically close the door silently. Thanks to the Soft Close Door system. In the GranSport model, it offers sports seats with 12 different power positioning with memory features.  Its steering wheel can twilt to the required level by power option and also equipped with multiple control buttons, such as cruise control, hill assistant, etc.

For making the driving a pleasure filled experience, the 2018 Maserati Levante comes with the latest technology infused navigation system, front and rear parking sensors. Wish the latest model shall have automatic parking features.

In the Autosport mode, you can have smooth gear change, which is much faster and happens at higher revs giving an amazing sports SUV driving experience. When the engine throttles to its full power, the exhaust valves open up and deliver the unique Maserati engine sound, in its best sensational level, the very specialty of Maserati.  The Electronic Stability Program gives maximum control for the drivers even during high-speed acceleration. It also has over boost activation for petrol engines, which has engineered to provide maximum peak torque at relatively low engine speed.

Increased Control and efficiency mode is not just a luxury feature in Levante.  You can enjoy smooth riding experience with less fuel consumption and can use on various driving conditions but not limited using on low grip or icy terrains. It has multi features. You can have a smooth driving experience as well as fuel efficiency.  The gear shift happens automatically at preset variable speeds quietly and discretely.

Rich hand-stitched leather interior, trimmed original wooden or piano black trim and stylish exterior with 20′ Nereo Light alloy wheel fitted with red calipers, trident grafted front grill, C-pillar mounted logo – the Saetta makes the SUV one of the highly placed sports car.  All the features do justice to the sports SUV, and it has every reason to account it as the best sports SUV in the market.

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