4 Qatari Artists Featured In ‘Process, Part 3’ Exhibition

The third installment of the “Process” exhibition, which launched at Al Markhiya Gallery, provides art enthusiasts insight into the art practice of Qatari artists Ahmed Al Jufairi, Fatima Mohammed, Muna Al Bader, and Mubarak Al Thani.

Launched by the pioneering private gallery in September, the exhibition series offers a fascinating look into the creative process of contemporary artists in producing a diverse array of art pieces using different media to bring to light crucial concepts. 

For this exhibition, Al Markhiya Gallery’s Katara Art Centre art space showcases varied collections of four diverse visual artists with different backgrounds.

Known for her use of blue colour to express the opposing emotions of happiness and sadness, Al Bader finds inspiration in her traditions tracing back the path of her ancestors. She depicts the hardships endured by pearl divers in an effort to provide for their families in the past as they engaged in physically demanding work. 

The series of 10 water colour-on-paper paintings aptly titled “In their Footsteps” as well as three oil-on-canvas paintings exude a combination of sadness and happiness as they depict both toil and celebration.

Mohammed displays paintings, photos and installations on the fictional character she created called 3naj (Anaj). The character is part Arab and part American bald eagle and symbolises a strong independent female character who displays her heritage proudly by wearing the batoola (face cover) as a protective golden beak.

Some of the more intriguing works on display are three photographs of Mohammed donning an abaya and the golden beak depicting 3naj, while strolling along the streets of New York. The costume used in the photos is on display at the exhibition.

“A Dance from the Past” painting by Qatari artist Muna Al Bader on show at “Process, Part 3” exhibition which launched yesterday at Al Markhiya Gallery at Katara Art Centre. 

Al Jufairi, an artist known for pushing the boundaries of self-expression and delving into the concept of freedom fusing inspiration from conic artists with contemporary pop culture and local references, displays are showcasing oil-on-canvas paintings and etchings on paper in varied subjects. A video of him explaining his art and artistic process is also screening in the gallery.

Using mixed media, Al Thani combines different elements to form a collage of objects, animals, places, and people even words and symbols in a unique form using lines and colours. One of Al Thani’s interesting pieces on display is a tetraptych titled “Cubeidoscope” which demonstrates his fascination with cubism embellished with stunning colour combination.

The inaugural “Process” exhibition featured five inspiring artists, including Tunisian street artist Vajo, Qatari cartoonist and animation artist Abdulaziz Yousef, award-winning Syrian artist and designer Bachir Mohamad, and multidisciplinary Qatari artists and designers Maryam Al Semaitt and Nawar Al Mutlaq. It was followed by artists Wadha Al Sulaiti, Jameela Al Ansari, Salem Mathkour, and Haitham Al Hamad.

“Process, Part 3” is open for public viewing by following COVID-19 safety protocols until March 18 from Saturday to Thursday, from 9am to 7pm at Katara Art Centre.

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