500 QAR fine for driving slowly on a fast track

Specialists and citizens demanded a tightening of the penalty for driving slowly and without justification in the third lane of the street, which is the fast lane set at a rated speed, because slow speeds obstruct traffic, disrupt vehicles that have taken the fast lane and endanger the lives of road users and others.

And they said in interviews with Al Sharq: Some drivers intend to walk in the fast lane of the street, which may be limited to a speed of 80 km or more, and hold the lane and do not deviate from it despite warning other vehicles, which exposes the street and traffic to traffic confusion, stressing that traffic awareness and guidance are very important for my drivers Vehicles before obtaining driving licenses, and it is necessary for driving schools to direct their instructions to new drivers before applying for road tests.

They demanded that a severe penalty be imposed for driving slowly in a fast lane, similar to reckless driving, because driving slowly is a violation and obstructs movement, such as driving recklessly, and may cause fatal accidents and harm the owners and road users.

Lt. Col. Jaber Muhammad Odaiba, Assistant Director of the Traffic Awareness Department, explained: that the third lane, which is the far left on the street, is the express lane set at a certain speed, and that any vehicle driver is supposed to not reduce his speed below the prescribed speed, and that In the event of slow driving in this lane without giving way to other vehicles, it is considered a violation of Article 53 of the chapter on the rules of commitment to speed prescribed by the Traffic Law, which stipulates that vehicle drivers are obligated not to exceed the maximum speed limit for motorized vehicles on the road, with the exception of This includes drivers of police, ambulance, firefighting and rescue vehicles while they are on their way to perform an urgent service, as well as any driver of a vehicle transporting a sick or injured person in a critical condition, provided that they use in such cases the means of warning and warning and the necessity of calming down as necessary for the safety of traffic while crossing road junctions.

As well as controlling their vehicles, and adapting their speed according to the conditions and conditions of the road, the condition of the vehicle and its load and weather conditions, so that they can stop it or reduce its speed if necessary, and not drive the vehicle at an unusually slow pace that does not correspond to the condition of the road, the condition of the vehicle, its load and weather conditions, which may result in obstructing normal traffic. For the rest of the vehicles, unless there is reasonable justification.

He noted that the penalty stipulated in Article 95 is that without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated by another law, anyone who violates any of the provisions of the articles shall be punished with a fine of no less than three thousand riyals and not more than ten thousand riyals.

He said: As for the rest of the driving lanes on the road, it is assumed that it does not go very slowly, and that reducing speeds very slowly in the lanes is an explicit violation of the traffic law, noting that the left lane is limited by the speed of the competent authority, and walking slowly in it is considered a violation, calling on drivers to abide by the speeds. and that exceeding those speeds is dangerous for road users, as the legislator sets the speeds in accordance with the nature of the streets, and that trespassing or exceeding the specified speed is fatal and dangerous.

He pointed out that the value of the violation starts from 500 riyals and exceeds that according to the type of violation committed and according to the speeds specified in the streets, because each street has its capabilities and nature, noting that the law does not favor slow speeds or fast speeds, but rather adherence to the prescribed speed in each street.

And that the driver of the vehicle can drive his car at a reasonable speed in the right lane and avoid the left lane specified at a higher speed so as not to obstruct movement.

Lawyer Falah Al-Tiri: Driving too slowly is a violation of “obstructing traffic.”

Lawyer Falah Al-Mutairi explained that the violation of a vehicle driver who drives his car at a slow speed opposite the speed limit for the third lane on the street, which is the express lane, is to obstruct traffic, adding that the competent authorities are controlling and violating it, just like other violations.

I see the need to tighten the penalty for slow speed in a fast lane, because it may cause fatal accidents, stressing that driving on the road is an art, taste and morals, and it is necessary to deal with road users with taste and art and not to obstruct the movement of others, and that it is necessary that driving should not be excessively fast and not be Too slow too, so it is unreasonable for a driver to travel at 40 km on a 100 km street, both of which endanger the lives of others.

Lawyer Al-Mutairi stressed the role of driving schools in providing targeted guidance awareness that lays out the nature of the streets, the traffic law and the prescribed speeds, and that it is important to adhere to the traffic law and the traffic rule that driving is an art, taste and morals, in addition to working on awareness in Arabic and English in all media and social networking sites, alerting and advertising For violations in all available means to identify them.

Khaled Al-Bardini: Driving slowly is disregard for the lives of road users. Emergency conditions allow speeding according to the law, and in the event of a vehicle traveling slowly and holding the same lane and not deviating from it, it will inevitably cause an accident.

He added that the Traffic Law established a violation for speeding and for speeding, there must also be a fine or a fine for driving slowly and for a slow driver because it disrupts people’s affairs, as some motorists take the fast lane and use the car horn or strobe lights to keep the slow car away from the road.

He called for toughening the penalty for violators of the road and speeding, and thus toughening the penalty for drivers of vehicles traveling on fast tracks with specific rated speeds, and then proceeding slowly, and this will lead to everyone’s commitment to the specified speeds. He suggested that driving schools should set up guidance and awareness programs for new drivers, and that there should be radars or surveillance cameras that monitor driving violations slowly so as not to cause obstruction in traffic, especially at peak times.

Abdulaziz Al-Sharshani: The necessity of establishing a fine for driving slowly. Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Sharshani demanded that the punishment be tightened against drivers of slow vehicles, and that it is necessary to allow vehicles taking the fast lane to open the lane or move to the middle lane to allow other vehicles to have an opportunity.

He said that I see the necessity of setting up fines for driving slowly, and this is found in the Traffic Law, and that there be an activation of this article in the law, in addition to directing awareness to drivers of slow vehicles of the need to observe the legal speed limits for each street and to confirm them before granting them driving licenses.

He suggested the necessity of conducting a test for each driver on his knowledge of the traffic law and the legal provisions specific to speeds, and not granting them driving licenses if they are not familiar with the traffic controls.

He said that I suffer from the problem of some people who drive slowly in the highway and this hinders my destination, and I hope everyone will abide by the laws that ensure the safety of others.

Source: Al Sharq

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