6th Fresh Local Dates Festival 2021 Taking Place Until July 30

The 6th Fresh Local Dates Festival 2021 continues at Souq Waqif.

Record sales are being achieved as the average sales per day are about 9 tonnes. The festival will continue until July 30, opening from 4pm to 10pm with 82 farms participating.

Many varieties of fresh dates at affordable prices from QR7 to QR8 per kg are available. These include Al Shi Shi, Khalas, and Al Khanizi.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment has provided tips for the harvesting of dates, stating, “Dates must be immediately stored after harvest under cold temperature to avoid it going bad. Direct sun light affects the outer exocarp.”

It also said that the best time to harvest dates is early morning or evenings when the temperature is low.

The Ministry also emphasised that, “dates are harvested when they are ripe, signalled by the edges of the fruit which should be mushy and dark-coloured.”

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