A Successful and Inspiring Event at [email protected]

[email protected], an independently organized TED event by Newton International Academy, hosted an interactive session on the 23rd of November featuring several Qatar-based young entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and insight for being successful.

Amongst the speakers, Mohannad Bitar, also known as MR.TIQ presented at the panel sharing his story behind entrepreneurship and how the use of digital media is a successful means of sharing creativity and positivity.

MR.TIQ goes into detail how a drastic change in his life at a young age has shaped him for who he has become today.

Through his journey and being consistently passionate, This Is Qatar was created to become a growing platform for the local and expat community.

Although facing several challenges and obstacles while being on his entrepreneurship journey, MR.TIQ regularly followed his motivation and passion to reach a successful path. Time is an important aspect when it comes to success, and it is never too late to go after your personal vision. Self-motivation is another significant key aspect that will benefit your personal goals.

We would like to thank all of your support and the [email protected] for this opportunity. We are extremely proud of this moment and it an honor to have the platform to share a positive message for the community.


Stay tuned for the official video release by TEDxYouth!

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