A treasure house of memories about history of Qatar – Al-Zubara Fort

Al Zubara Fort or Fort Zubara, was built under the guidance of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani during 1938. The Al Zubara Fort is a historic Qatari military fortress​ and is one of the largest heritage site, as declared by UNESCO. Initially it was built as a coast guard station, and thereafter remodeled to a museum.


The fort was built with materials like limestones, compressed mud and wood. The main structural system used was masonry. The Al Zubara Fort is situated on the northwestern coast of Qatar peninsula, and is 105 km from the capital of Qatar, Doha. Initially the fort was situated in the heart of the pearling and trading town.

In 2013, Al Zubara Fort was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it was one of the best preserved example of an 18th and 19th century Gulf merchant town. Currently, the authorities are working to protect the fort from harsh desert conditions for the upcoming future generations. The Al Zubara is surely a spot which can’t be missed be tourists.

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