A walk on the beach is good for the soul – Doha Corniche

The famous and one of the most popular tourist attractions of Qatar, the Doha Corniche is a real feast to a visitors’ eye. The Doha Corniche is a waterfront promenade which extends for 7 km through the Doha Bay. Initially the visible Sheraton Hotel was the preliminary Corniche. During the 2006 Asian Games, the corniche areas’ development boomed as a part to promote tourism and economic rise.

The Doha Corniche starts from a museum of Islamic Art and concludes with the amazing pyramid shaped Sheraton Park. The Corniche is scattered by dividing the area into three parts as: The Corniche Park, The Corniche street and The Government Zone. The Corniche park is home to joggers, walkers and leisure or social engaging people. The Corniche street is a predominant business hub which combines the West Bay business district, together with the Doha International Airport.

The administrative buildings like the Amiri Diwan is one of the views from the government zone of the Corniche. In a capsule, the Doha Corniche is an overall package for people seeking leisure, enjoyment and business activities. This is one of the main tourist spot that shouldn’t be missed out.

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