A whimsical experience at Museum of Illusions Doha

After a much-anticipated opening, Museum of Illusions Doha has finally opened its doors at The Gate Mall. The concept first started in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015 and has rapidly become an attraction that has led to further expansions worldwide. Currently, the museum has launched throughout 16 cities across the globe. These locations include major cities such as Athens, Istanbul, New York, Vienna, Toronto, and Shanghai.

It is not just your ordinary museum where you learn about history and artifacts. It’s an interactive experience where you capture several images to experience all the sensory, visual, and educational elements. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover how your mind can have plenty of tricks up its sleeve. You will get to learn the science behind perception – how your eyes can see things that your mind cannot understand.

Here are the few exhibits you don’t want to miss out on while visiting Museum of Illusions Doha:

The Vortex Tunnel

Museum of Illusions

Jump right into the Vortex Tunnel and be illuminated with the rotating lights. You may want to watch your step, as you will feel a rush of dizziness. However, it will be worth the ride as it’s quite an enjoyable experience.

Rotated Room

Museum of Illusions

Here’s your chance to get a little creative with how you can pose and gain a new perspective of how you see the world. With a 90-degree angle, your mind will transport you to different angles while you’re spending time at the majlis.


Museum of Illusions

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? The fascinating optical device takes reflective surfaces to create symmetrical patterns. At the Museum of Illusions, you will get a chance to see yourself displayed as a pattern!

Infinity Room

Immerse yourself into a multiple dimension with the Infinity Room. Follow your reflection everywhere and enjoy the optical illusion to see your reflection from every angle, followed by stunning lights.

Clone Table

Museum of Illusions

Take a seat at the Clone Table and play out all the cards with your five clones. It is a large table that reflects a full circle using two mirrors at an angle of 60 degrees.

There are plenty of other exhibits and attractions, such as holograms, optical illusion images, and gravitational illusions. You can also arrange events or birthday parties for a memorable experience. There will be an illusionist to entertain guests with a set of tricks.

The opening times are as follows:

Sunday to Wednesday
9 am – 10 pm

Thursday And Saturday
9 am – 12 midnight

1 pm – 12 midnight



Adult (16+ years): 80 QAR
Child (3-15 years): 60 QAR
Family (2 Adults/2 Children): 220 QAR

For more information about the Museum of Illusions Doha, visit https://museumofillusions.qa/.

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