Additional Decisions By SCCM To Combat The Spread Of Coronavirus

The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management (SCCM) held a meeting on 9th April 2020 announcing new decisions to combat the spread of coronavirus in Qatar. Here are the key points mentioned in the meeting:

  1. The decision of the Council Of Ministers to suspend all commercial activities in stores on Friday and Saturday, until further notice. An exception of the following: food stores, supplies and pharmacies, vegetable stores, restaurants only offering delivery services, bakeries, telecommunication companies in hypermarkets, home maintenance companies and services, petrol stations, factories, clinics, contracting companies working on state projects, hospitality companies, logistic service companies and freight companies working on ports, airports and custom services.
  2. Launch of the Ehteraz phone application which will perform multiple services to combat the spread of the coronavirus.
  3. Provide all the facilities necessary for domestic workers to open bank accounts, including exempting them from the minimum amount required.
  4. The experience of closing the industrial area was very difficult but it was necessary to maintain the safety of workers and the community. Health and medical efforts are continuing to care for the residents of the region.
  5. 72% of coronavirus infections are from quarantine, 26% from outside quarantine, and 2% are yet to be determined.
  6. Two of the total six deaths were not primarily caused by the coronavirus, but rather due to different causes.
  7. The infection rate of coronavirus in quarantine last week was much higher than it was outside. The increase in the number of infections observed was due to an increase in the number of checks performed. There is an increase in recovery rates and the percentage of serious cases does not exceed 2%.

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