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Saving Jessie Update: Two days back, Jessie the dog has been shot in the face. Jessie’s face was full of shotgun pellets which caused her to go blind.


There was no report on who shot the dog. Everyone in the town has been praying for her recovery.

Jessie was kept in intensive care and was taken good care. Since the gunshot was on her face, she turned blind due to the shrapnel damage. Due to this sudden blindness, Jessie had symptoms of brain trauma and shock.


Jessie The recent update on Jessie says that she has been eating a little and drinking. Though shes’s been progressing, Jessie had undergone surgery today to remove her right eye which is the one which had been damaged beyond repair by a pellet or shrapnel puncturing the eyeball. We have decided not to remove her left eye as it’s currently not causing her any problems and there is still the small chance that she may regain some sight in the future.Jessie


Though the surgery went very well, it took some time to get over the complications, as she was still under anesthetic.


Let’s all pray for Jessie’s fast recovery!


Note: If you would like to help QAWS with her care, please feel free to donate directly onto Jessie’s account at either the QVC branch or over the phone.

Source: Qatar Animal Welfare Society

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