Airada Spa – Traditional Thai Spa In Qatar

Most of us are often skeptical about traditional Thai massage due to the pain involved. Thai
massage is part of Thai culture and is a combination of feeling, sensitivity, and comfort. It
took time for us to understand its significance until we visited Airada Spa in Qatar. Airada Spa is one of the most authentic Thai spa located in La Croisette, Porto Arabia in Doha. Having been through many wellness programs over the years, we are now a big fan of Thai spa. The Spa embraces the true spirit of holistic healing and offers exclusive spa menu which features an exotic range of health and beauty treatments.

Airada Spa is a premium ladies only spa offering luxury beauty and wellness treatments in
the traditional Thai way. It is thai owned and family run, the spa is located at the Pearl, Qatar and is a stunning piece of Thai architecture. The décor has a touch of classic royal Thai with a mix of jewel tones of gold and purple.

It is a spacious and spectacular gathering place for weekend relaxation and has a cloistered
relaxation space with lounges and footstools where guests can unwind pre/post-treatment as
they treat themselves with Airada’s signature tea. Adored with beautiful tasselled lanterns hanging from the ceiling with intricate gold carvings transforms into an authentic Thai vibe.The treatment room is ornamented with panelled wood doors and is a calm space altogether.

The Airada Spa specializes in treatments formulated to rejuvenate and restore the balance of
mind, body, and spirit.

The following are some of the services offered by Airada Spa:

• Express Massage
• Traditional Thai Body Massage
• Thai Sabai Foot Massage
• Aromatic and Anti-Cellulite Massage
• Foot Spa
• Facial Spa

The globally famous Thai massage is an ancient healing technique and includes applying
manual pressure in the form of long and sinuous strokes along the body energy points called
chakras to relieve tension and to relax muscles. Along with it, aromatic oils, stretching
techniques, yoga postures to improve and encourage blood circulation.

It has a very spacious, elegant and nicely decorated room. The most significant thing is; the
temperature of the room is perfect for the massage. Having been to several luxury spas that
offer incredible treatments and masseuses, but the fact that they don’t set the treatment room
to right temperate entirely takes away the whole feel.

We opted for Airada’s aromatic body massage which was soothing especially due to the
calming properties of their signature aromatherapy oil blend. The technique used by the
masseuse was so relaxing with the correct amount of pressure. The scent of the oil is not only
relaxing but is excellent to keep your skin youthful and young as well.

Airada Spa takes care of using personalized products to meet the specific needs of every
skin. While we have gotten many different traditional massages, this is the first time we have
come across something as relaxing as this. Airada Spa is unique in several ways, and among
them, their customized massage choices are what make them unique. Everyone should take
time to enjoy the vast range of massages from the ancient city of spa-Thailand.
From the welcome desk to the masseuse, everyone is friendly, polite and try to make you feel
at your best. The environment at Airada Spa is fresh and relaxing with the natural aroma of
Thai herbs and oils. It is one of the best places in Qatar for anyone who is looking for the
ultimate relaxation massage in the traditional Thai way.

For Inquiries & Reservation:

M: +974 6640 4399
T: +974 4469 7256


Near Tower 30 La Croisette, Porto Arabia,
The Pearl, Doha,

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