Al Mafjar Project: Qatar Museums To Develop Ancient Village Into New Tourist Attraction

Qatar Museums (QM) is set to transform an old Islamic settlement in Qatar into a new tourist attraction with the Al Mafjar village project. Located north of Qatar, Al Mafjar village is an abandoned late Islamic settlement adjacent to an unspoiled beach.

The project will see the village developed into a tourist attraction which, according to QM, will include “cultural and heritage eco-friendly activities and an open-air museum among other attractions.” “This project of transforming a heritage village into a tourist attraction while retaining its old character is considered one of the most importation restoration projects of Qatari villages with the support of the private sector,” QM said in a post in its official Facebook page.

For this project, Qatar Museums recently signed an agreement with Seashore Group, one of the largest multidisciplined Engineering and Contracting Company in Qatar to restore and refurbish the village.

“Seashore will work in cooperation with QM’s Departments of Buildings and Archaeological Sites Management, and Cultural Heritage Conservation to ensure the highest professional standards of conservation and restoration,” said QM.

“With the revival of Qatar’s heritage in mind, Qatar Museums is constantly reviewing its plans to protect, restore and revive cultural houses and villages throughout the whole country,” it added.

Qatar boasts a great number of heritage sites including ancient towns, watchtowers and settlements dating back thousands of years.

One of the country’s most famous heritage sites is the Al Zubarah Archaeological Site, one of the best-preserved examples of an 18th and 19th century Gulf merchant town, which had been included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013. Al Zubarah is Qatar’s largest heritage site, with its impressive city wall, ancient residential palaces and houses, markets, industrial areas and mosques.

Other prominent heritage sites in Qatar are the ancient settlements of Freiha and Ruwayda, Barzan and Al Khor towers, Al Rakayat Fort, Ras Brouq, and Al Jassasiya – where some of the most impressive petroglyphs or rock carvings can be found.


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