Al Shamal Municipality Conducted 1,325 Inspection Visits In April 2020

The health monitoring section at Al Shamal Municipality conducted 1,325 inspection visits on food outlets to ensure the compliance of health rules in April 2020. The municipal inspectors inspected 1,186 slaughtered animals, as a result, 8 slaughtered animals completely and 54 partially were destroyed after they were found unfit for human consumption.

The general monitoring section of Al Shamal Municipality made 360 inspection visits during which the inspectors recorded two violations. After rectifying the violations, the reconciliations were made.

The inspectors removed 18 abandoned vehicles out of 55 erring vehicles which received stickers of violations. The technical section conducted 375 inspection visits and issued 4 certificates of hygiene for new buildings. The public properties section also made 25 inspection visits to monitor the encroachment of public properties.

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