All National Sports Day Activities To Be Held Outdoors

All sporting activities and events for the National Sport Day 2021 will be conducted entirely in outdoor settings. Activities in indoor settings are entirely prohibited, according to the Organising Committee of the National Sport Day (NSD).

“Activities in indoor settings are entirely prohibited,” the committee said in a statement on 26th January 2021.

The committee, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), has unveiled the healthcare protocol for this year’s NSD celebrations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The committee said people taking part in the sporting activities that require direct contact between the participants, such as football, volleyball, basketball and others, must undergo RT-PCR checks.

Participants of the sporting activities that do not involve physical contact and spacing such as marathons, walking, cycling, boats, marine activities and other games do not require an RT-PCR examination or prior approval with the need to adhere to the instructions received.All participants will be arriving at the training/ preparation venues in buses or private vehicles. The players should be transported in small groups to avoid spreading the infection, maintaining 1.5 metres distance while seated on buses (maximum of 25 occupants in 50-passenger capacity bus).

As for private cars, no more than four people are allowed in each car including the driver. All occupants should be wearing face masks during transit.

Once the participants reach the venue, close interaction with other people should be avoided. The safe distance of at least 1.5 metres must be strictly maintained during training, preparations and during the event itself.

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) is required to assign staff at training/participation venues to check all participants’ temperatures each day.

All participants are required not to share clothing, towels, soap or other personal items and that they use their own drinking bottles.

Participants’ use of common showers and changing rooms should be avoided at all venues. All participants must download the “Ehteraz” app. Only those who have a green status are allowed to enter.

As per the protocol, all international participants or guests, if applicable, are required to enter into hotel quarantine as per Qatar’s specific regulation and quarantine protocol in force at the time.

Guests might be required to undergo COVID-19 testing upon arrival and six days after arrival.

All participants, as appropriate, should submit a certificate of clearance of COVID-19 (Negative RT-PCR or equivalent test) performed 72 hours prior to participation in the event.

RT-PCR or equivalent testing will be conducted using a mid-turbinate nasal swab at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) or the National Reference Lab.

Refusal of swabbing for PCR or equivalent testing will result in dismissal from participation in the event training and the event itself.

Meals should be served in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health guidance. Only ready-made or prepackaged meals are allowed during preparations, training and during the actual event with a minimum of 2 metres distance between tables in all directions with not more than 4 people seated on same table and with 1.5 meter distance between people if on the same table.

Food outlets and concessions at venue are restricted to ready-made take-away in disposable packaging. Prepackaged, grab and go food meals and drinks to shorten waiting time for customers are preferred. Dining in outdoor settings is preferred over indoor settings.

Queues for obtaining meals must comply with the minimum of 1.5m physical distancing precautions – mark floors to ensure compliance and provide staff or volunteers to ensure public compliance. No buffet food is to be served in any venue.

As per audience, spectators will be allowed to attend while maintaining all the required health measures, including masks for all and physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from other spectators in all directions.

The spectator capacity will not exceed 30 percent of total outdoor seating capacity while maintaining a minimum of 1.5 m physical distance in all directions.

Family groups of the same household can sit together either on the stands or in the open, but with the same minimum of 1.5m distance from other families in all directions.

People with green status on Ehteraz app will be allowed entry.
Thermal screening must be conducted for employees, athletes, and the public before entering the stands area or rally place, entry will be prohibited for those with temperature above 37.8 degrees C.

Gates are to open early to avoid crowding at the entrances. All spectators must wear face masks all the time.

No spitting, no cheering, no live choir and no live singing by spectators as this can spread the virus.

The NSD committee called on all parties to match the proposed sporting events with the ages and health conditions of the participants, in terms of the nature of sports and physical activities and their duration of time, in a manner that ensures avoiding physical stress and physical injuries.

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