Awqaf Ministry Launches Zakat Calculation Service This Ramadan

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs’ Zakat Fund has launched a zakat calculator service. The new service allows users to measure zakat in currency, stocks, gold, and silver in a matter of seconds.

The service is available through a link shared by Zakat Fund on their twitter account. To calculate zakat in cash, the user must first select an Islamic or Gregorian calendar, then enter the sum to be given as zakat.

To measure zakat in shares, you’ll need the name of the company and the number of shares. Users must enter the weight of gold and silver in grams to measure zakat in gold and silver. The new Zakat Fund service not only assists users in measuring zakat, but also allows them to donate their zakat sum to the Fund through an online transaction.

Zakat is an obligation for Muslims who fulfill the requisite requirements of wealth to support the poor. It is one of Islam’s Five Pillars. Zakat Fund collects zakat from donors and distributes it to those in need who deserve it.

In February 2021, the Zakat Fund issued financial assistance totaling over QR12.6 million. In Qatar, a total of 1,250 low-income families received financial assistance. The beneficiaries received over QR7.4 million in monthly funding. Financial assistance totaled over QR2.4 million at one point. Over QR2.5 million was provided to help students from low-income families pay their school fees.

Following COVID-19 preventive and precautionary steps, the Zakat Fund is receiving requests for financial assistance – permanent, urgent, one-time, or otherwise – via its e-mail address [email protected] The Zakat Fund helps poor families after evaluating their demands in order to get zakat money to the most deserving individuals.

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