Azym Technologies Launches ‘Azym CloudMail’ App For Small-Scale Businesses In GCC

Azym Technologies, a Qatar-based Cloud company based in Lusail is making waves in Qatar and the Gulf region, through its innovative app called Azym CloudMail. Azym Technologies is one of the leading cloud solutions providers in the Gulf region with more than 6,000 customers. The multinational company, which has operations in the GCC countries, has already bagged the top place in the area of Cloud Technology. The company is now assisting around 6,000 companies in the Gulf region and has operating centres located in India and Morocco.

Headed by a young Indian and IT entrepreneur Shafeek Kabeer (the Founder and CEO of Azym Technologies) (as seen in the picture), Azym Technologies developed the Azym CloudMail app for companies in GCC region; Qatar in particular, using the most modern cloud technology including video conferencing and cloud-based storage, as an alternative to Zoom video-conferencing application. The app is based on the cloud technology which specializes in making various transactions easy in the area of video conferencing, email, live chat, and file sharing, to name a few, with the desktop computers and mobile applications for small-scale industries.

At the time of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the number of companies allowing employees to work remotely is on the rise.  And employees working from home are facing many challenges when it comes to mutual interactions across various departments. To meet their needs, the company stepped in and developed the app after seeing a significant rise in demand.

Azym Technologies helps small and medium enterprises to allow employees to work from home without losing productivity. The Azym CloudMail app helps customers to get the maximum benefits by spending minimum. It gives employees the possibility to visualize who is working with who and what they are working on. By doing so, it helps workers find those in the company who can help them accomplish their task better. It also helps companies to have an effective collaboration (Cloud Email, Chat, Audio/ Video Conference, Screen share, Cloud File Storage) for their workforce as majority of the employees work from home.

Shafeek Kabeer claims that this app can be used easily by people who are not technologically savvy. This app helps companies to overcome various hazards caused by the coronavirus outbreak and its ongoing shutdown restrictions and will help them to carry out the daily processes like productivity, sales, and finance uninterrupted. “Internal communication is essential for companies, but it’s not always easy. And it’s even harder when employees are working remotely,” says Shafeek Kabeer.

Presently, Shafeek and his team are working on developing a mega cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that can be helpful to small-scale as well as large-scale companies.

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