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Bab Al Amoud – A Fine Luxury Dining At Al Hazm

Bab Al Amoud or as the scholar called it “Damascus Gate” is one of the main gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. Which Is A fine high-End Restaurant where modern luxury meets the traditional luxury in various aspects of Architectural elements, stories beyond the wall of the holy City of Jerusalem, and of course the cuisine itself.

From the moment you walk in you feel as if you have been to the Old City the amazing ambiance engulfs you with the astonishing elegant interior the Architectural elements, stories beyond each corner of it just seems as if its telling a story all of this before you even get to take a seat.

They are in Bab Al Amoud Restaurant Sharing their Experience with a flavor of Passion and Love to a case they admire more than food. Each Master Chef will contribute in engineering a unique spectacular independent Menu bringing the taste of Damascus to Qatar with all of its variety of dishes made to perfection by the Master Palestinian Chefs, Which goes really well with the warmth you feel just the welcoming feeling as if you are just at home.

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