Beauty And The Beast By The Doha Players Pantomime

The Doha Players is an amateur dramatic society, or ‘community theatre’ group, made up of English-speakers from all over the world. Formed in 1954, the Players drew members from a growing pool of expatriates employed in the early days of Qatar’s oil and gas industry, and their first production was Bird in Hand, staged in 1954.

The Doha Players community theater group has been bringing entertainment to Qatar for almost 65 years. The tale of Beauty and the Beast (written in 1740 by Gabrielle Suzanne de Villeneuve) has been told in many different ways and we’re sure this Pantomime version will delight you all.

This theatrical musical comedy, featuring a live band, is two hours of enchantment, magic, mayhem and lots of fun. Recommended for children aged 1 to 100 (actually age 4 and above) will make you laugh, cry, jump in your seats, sing along and enjoy the most beautiful of beastly characters.


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