Benefits of a 10-Minute Workout Everyday

Working out doesn’t have to mean a sweat-inducing hour four to five times a week. As with most things in life, quality is more important than quantity, and consistency is key.

Committing to just one ten-minute workout a day can do a lot more for your fitness level—and overall wellness—than you might expect. Here’s why:

  • You will be reenergized

The struggle to get moving is usually more about the mind than the body. The immediate benefits of exercise are well documented: your mind is sharper, your self-esteem is higher, you sleep deeper, your mood is happier, and your skin is rosier. Redirect the time you spend not feeling-so-great into feeling your best. For just ten minutes, it’s worth a shot!

  • Get results faster

HIIT or high-intensity interval training really works. A 10-minute workout, with just one minute at high-intensity, consistently done every day has marvellous results on your weight, strength and core.

  • Burn More Calories

HIIT workouts, which usually last between four to 10 minutes, can burn more calories than a 20-minute walk on the treadmill. More payoff in half the time? Yes, please.

  • Live Longer

Just 10 minutes of exercise per day can positively affect your lifespan. Working out consistently every day can reduce the risk of heart disease, increase stamina and your quality of life.

  • Boost Your Brain Power

Working out is not only good for your body but even better for your brain, too. In fact, just 10 minutes of exercise can boost your brainpower for a short time afterwards. Working out daily will pump up your heart rate and increase your brain powder significantly.

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