The Rooftop located at St.Regis in the heart of West Bay offering an experience beyond expectations and seven-star service tailored according to your needs.

The Bubbles Brunch takes place every Saturday at The Rooftop starting 1 pm up to 5 pm. As you walk into the space you start to get a very laid out aura. The brunch has a very relaxing ambiance with a very groovy vibe. The spacious set up with a very clean environment overlooking the spectacular city views makes it perfect for a Saturday afternoon brunch with friends or family, especially during the winters in Doha.

The Rooftops modern white decor will immediately catch your attention making you feel very comfortable and easy. The bright lighting with neon hints in combination to their music sets up a very groovy atmosphere and lightens your mood.

The brunch has a wide variety of finger food and beverages. They have a BBQ section that serves meat cooked to perfection. The also serve easy finger food like Crab meat with cheese, chicken satay, mini burger sliders. The food and beverage is served in a very orderly manner with absolutely no delay.

The staff is very polite takes care of all your needs and accommodates you to utmost comfort making it a very memorable experience for you, making you want to come back every Saturday.

Overall, The Rooftop Bubble Brunch is a very modern experience covering all the boards of a perfect brunch giving you a very joyful experience which is very worthwhile.

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