Campaign By Silatech & Qatar Youth To Support Young Refugees

Qatar Youth and Silatech have launched a campaign to support the young refugees and internally displaced persons aiming to create jobs for 30 thousand young refugees within 30 days. A public announcement to this effect had been made on 1st October 2018 at Doha as a press conference mainly targeting young refugees who are in the receiving end of suffering, displacement due to political instability, and power struggle.

The new initiative has taken after a response that came in the form of commitment from the citizens, and youth residents of Qatar in recent times, to boost the morale of the refugees who are suffering to get an employment and other amenities within the country. The campaign started by 30 young Qataris, including men and women, drawn from different walks of the society aims to eradicate poverty, extremism, and unemployment by empowering the young men and women with jobs and thus bringing them back to the fold of mainstream life.

The newly launched campaign shall open an opportunity for Qatari community and the youths to address the global challenges facing by Syrian refugees, as well as other nationals around the globe due to socio and political destabilizations. It will also be enhancing the youth to play a significant role in promoting a new sense of compassion and responsibility towards refugees, who are struggling to meet their life expectations by offering better job opportunities, which will, in turn, help the young refugees as a breadwinner for their family.

During the press conference, the Executive Director of Programs at Silatech, Mr. Faisal Al Emadi said that Silatech shall be working forward to connect both the marginalized youth and the disadvantaged people, by providing new opportunities, developing various skills, funding and by establishing an income generating enterprise to the youths who live in conflict-hit areas. These type of help shall let the youth save their entire family from perishing due to political instability and can promote confidence and expectation for a bright future.

The campaign is an initiative of the youths in Qatar and launched with the support and sponsorship from various partners belonging to every section of the Qatari society, to help the neighbouring communities and the refugees in particular. The State of Qatar is one among the top listed donor countries in the world providing development assistance and humanitarian help worldwide. The collective humanitarian movements by Qatar has also had its influence in changing the attitude of the Qataris, and many have been coming forward to contribute their support and financial assistance to uplift the displaced people due to various reasons spread on different part of the world.

On the sidelines of the press conference, The Head of External Relations of Qatar Foundation, Mr. Habes Howali also stressed the importance to support the refugees and reiterate the necessity to help them to overcome the present precarious conditions. He further elaborated in saying that the refugees’ problems have a direct relation to the rest of the world, and every young Qataris must be part of the mission.

He also appealed to the young Qataris, by saying that it is time for them to give back in the same coin to the country what they received as safety and security, to help the young refugees who have been displaced and devastated by political instability. You can find many disturbing incidences of horrible experiences, which has shaken the entire world. Many had personal loss other than displacement and loss of job and out of many such incidents, the heartbreaking story of ‘Elan’ an adolescent child who lost his life, in an attempt to migrate to the safe zone is one of the most talked sad stories.

The Secretary-General of International Union of Preachers, Sheikh Ahmed Al Buainain said that the tragic situations facing by the refugees at the moment need immediate attention and support in the form of kind and money is inevitable for them to survive peacefully with their family members. He also thanked the youths, who have come forward and took the responsibility to help their fellow refugees in recent times.

Qatar Foundation, Head of External Relations, Mr.Habes Howail, said in the press conference that they are very much aware of the sufferings facing by the refugees, and the social implications it creates on the affected countries and how badly it destroys the prosperity and security of the affected countries. He also urged the youth to support these refugees to bring back normalcy to their county, what had existed there before the crisis developed and rope in more Qatari youths to help the foundation for promoting freedom and peace in the region.

Silatech has been dealing with various refugee crisis all around the world, helping to create more job opportunities and they are known for providing valuable solutions to the crisis-hit people for starting a new life with sustainable peace and tranquility. With the inclusive and proactive vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the country is the forerunner in offering new employment opportunities for millions of people, and lending stable support to displaced people and young refugees all across the globe without any discriminations.

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