Can you imagine a #FutureWithoutPlastic? Ministry of Municipality and Environment hopes so

In a tweet, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment urges citizens to join their campaign to limit the use of plastics in Qatar, “On International Plastic Bag Free Day (3 July) the Ministry of Municipality and Environment wants to hear your ideas and suggestions to limit the use of plastic in Qatar, using the hashtag: #FutureWithoutPlastic.”

As a part of the initiative, participants are able to win prizes if they answer questions about the environment correctly, as a way to encourage residents and citizens to take part.

According to a sustainability advocate in the region, EcoMena, Qatar produces more than 2.5 million tonnes of solid waste a year, making Qatar one of the highest per capita waste generation rates worldwide.

To help fight waste management, the government has hosted two conference this year to not only highlight the importance of sustainability, but also to emphasize issues around recycling, and suggesting ways to combat them. During the conference, the Minister of Municipality and Environment said that, “Qatar has adopted a comprehensive plan to manage and recycle waste by establishing a waste management and treatment centre in Mesaieed”.

The Minister also noted that Qatar pays ultimate attention to managing waste and recycling to preserve the environment and achieving sustainable development.

There are also many other local organizations, such as schools and the Qatar Foundation, that conduct programs to encourage the public and authorities to tackle plastic waste and take on more sustainable alternatives.Facts-Per capita, Qatar produces up to 1.8kg waste a day-Only 8% of that waste is recycled-Only 9% of all plastics are recycled globally-Only 14% of plastic waste is being collected for recycling globally.

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