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Celebrating Exquisite Flavors at Toro Toro Doha

If you ever happen to be at The Pearl-Qatar, then visiting Toro Toro is out of the question. The striking metal-cased bulls at the entrance already sets an impression for what’s to come – a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

Regarding the setting, the sea view is what steals the show, and what better way to spend your day when you are dining with a spectacular view while indulging in the finest, flavorful dishes of Latin America? You wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity!

When at Toro Toro, there is more to than just enjoying the dishes, it calls for an occasion to share and make your dining experience a memorable one. What makes dining so special here is that it focuses on the diverse range of dishes across Latin America, all under one roof.

You begin the course by filling up your table with the small plates such as the ceviches, tiraditos, tacos and cold antojitos. The variation in starters is only the beginning of the Latin American journey.

Although Toro Toro specializes in Latin American, you will come across dishes called ‘Ceviche Rolls’ which is similar to the concept of sushi. This contemporary infusion is a must try, especially with the explosion of flavors that are crafted to make such a dish come to life.

Empanadas are a classic Latin American favorite, where the pastry is homemade. You have the Lomo Saltado which is stuffed with sautéed beef tenderloin that comes along with avocado sauce. If your tastebuds are feeling adventurous, you can give the Zucchini & Poblano Empanadas a try, which comes with poblano chili, zucchini mozzarella sauce and corn.

Leaving the most significant highlight for last – is the meat that is served at Toro Toro. As it is known for serving the best meat in town, it definitely lives up to that standard. Opting for the churrasco calls for a celebratory moment as it’s the perfect dish for two. Don’t forget to also try the signature dishes, such as the Beef Tenderloin and Trigoto or the Lamb Shanks.

If you have something to celebrate about, then Toro Toro is the place to be! Find out more about what the restaurant has to offer at: 

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