27th June – This Is Qatar is 5 YEARS OLD TODAY!

We are so excited and grateful to celebrate our 5th anniversary today!

5 years ago, This Is Qatar was started by Mohannad Bitar aka Mr.TIQ, a young entrepreneur looking to start an online platform to highlight aspects of lifestyle in Qatar.

Ramadan of 2015, Mohannad started This Is Qatar to share with fellow locals and expats the important events, entertainment and food places to try in Doha, Qatar. TIQ started off as a fun and interactive platform, and has grown to be one of Qatar’s leading lifestyle and news blogs.

We are proud and overwhelmed with joy, all thanks to our supporters!

We truly want to thank each and everyone who follows, likes, comments, shares and supports our content.

The TIQ Team hopes to always cater to our local and expat communities in Qatar with relevant information, news, event and lots of entertainment. We promise to continue posting engaging content highlighting the Doha lifestyle and creating positive buzz.

Thank you so much for supporting our journey!

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