Congratulations I Love Qatar For Your 10th Anniversary

Khalifa Saleh Al-Haroon also known as Mr. Q, established the self entitling Qatar’s Friendliest community ILoveQatar in 2008, and this past Saturday they celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and to celebrate their success they hosted their anniversary celebration at the beautiful Mondrian Hotel Doha on the 27th of October 2018.

At their 10th Anniversary, ILoveQatar highlighted many of their great accomplishments ILoveQatar has had success in, as well as how the company contributed to Qatar from before and after the blockade. ILoveQatar helped in developing Qatars social image for the community, as it highlighted through various events of Qatar being multicultural society as people attend events to come together, enjoy and laugh alongside each other, displaying Qatars strong support from their people in the time of oppression.

From the the food aspect all the way to the decorations and hospitality, the organization was executed flawlessly. The staff gave a warm welcome to everyone who was in attendance, they were excited to help anybody who needed it as well as they interacted with their supporters throughout the night. The various selections of food came from various traditions from around the world, but emphasizing on the food of the GCC. The entertainment aspect of the event allowed the audience to venture through the progress of ILoveQatar, they included various informative, engaging and essential outlets which included Hamad Al-Amari better known as TheQatariGuy, as well as weekend roundups own Fares. Involving more engagement with the audience, people in attendance received an ILQ passport where the audience was to gather stamps from various booths around the venue to be involved in a giveaway during the event, item for the giveaway included ILQ merchandise, bouquets of sweets and vouchers from various partners.

ILoveQatar has seen its growth from nothing into Qatars leading sources for everything happening around Doha, they just received the 1 million subscriber golden plague for their Youtube channel Raqami TV, as well as there have been discussion with Netflix working with Mr. Q. ILQ will continue to grow and inspire people to want more for the betterment of Qatar.

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