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Cookie Republikie – The Best For The Best

The seed of Cookie Republikie sprouted after a desperate attempt to win a school level competition for best cookies, even after applying the best efforts by Arun Orson and his friend. The two 11- years old pursued their dream, without losing hopes by branding cookies as Cookie Republikie, in Doha, Qatar.

They worked incredibly hard to evolve this small startup to a rapidly growing, customer-responsive cookie company. The children outlined a prospective, followed the targets and finally gained traction around Doha. Their recipe for success includes their hard work, superior product quality, and excellent customer service.

Now, by understanding the importance of originality, the Cookie Republikie were successfully selling the world’s most astounding cookies at a five-star hotel in Qatar W Doha. The premium quality cookies have helped it to grow into a genuine world-class business, and business touched a new height by the implementation of online booking and delivery services through, which has tremendously helped them grow in the market.

Chocolate Chip Cookie – Vintage

In Cookie Republikie, cookies are baked fresh using only high-quality constituents to maintain the fineness of the structure. They also follow the scrupulous recipe of only the selected finest ingredients to create premium quality cookies.

White Chocolate

Cookie Republikie offers different flavours like ‘Vintage,’ ‘Triple chocolate’ and ‘White Chocolate Chip,’ which is the perfect combination of everyone’s favourite classic chocolate chip cookie and white chocolate. The cookies also have tiny cinnamon bites coming soon with a pack of 5 pieces. You definitely need to give these little cinnamon bites and classic chocolate chip cookie a try.

The brand is also planning to add 3 to 4 flavours in few months. Every single bite of these different yet complimentary flavoured cookies will surely take you to another world.

Triple Chocolate

The cookies are freshly wrapped to maintain their delightful oven-fresh trait.  Some of the cookies are individually wrapped to preserve its unique crisp and firmness. The cookies are given a unique and exclusive packing to ensure that each cookie is presented in a decent and copacetic manner.

Tiny Cinnamon Bites.

Coming Soon.

The success of Cookies Republikie in Doha is indeed very much encouraging, and two budding entrepreneurs are devising plans to expand. It is definitely worth the walk and the money as well. So, one must head on for this top brunch experience and enjoy the delicious, delightful and heavenly treat at Cookie Republikie!


10 QAR Per Cookie

10 QAR Pack of 5 Tiny Cinnamon Bites

Home Delivery Above 50 QAR

Place Your Order Here: Cookie Republikie

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