Dip in Sealine death rate during this year’s camping season

Evidence shows that the sealine death rate during this year’s camping season has decreased.

Recent data from the traffic department indicates that the number of vehicle-related deaths in the Sealine region is comparatively lower than of the previous year. 

During the 2021 camping season, only a singular death was reported, compared to six last year. The number of severe injuries in 2021 is less than half of what it was in 2020, a drop from 46 cases to 21.

The decrease in death and injury in the Sealine area are attributed to the efforts of the Ministry of Interior. The ministry has implemented a thorough plan which aims to increase traffic safety in the region, reduce accidents, enforce the law, facilitate traffic movement and disperse traffic awareness among travellers of the area.

As of now, thirty-four inspection campaigns have been carried out on motorcycle rental shops to ensure they are abiding by enforced safety regulations. Many of whom have been forcefully closed to their violations and negligent behaviour regarding traffic safety.

Director of the Southern Traffic Section, Lt. Colonel Mohamed bin Jassim Al Thani, highlighted that the drop in death rates came despite many variables such as the increase in activity in the area. To add, multiple technical measures were carried out, including renovating the Sealine entry/exit . 

Some good news in a pandemic world, let’s hope 2021 brings an increase in positivity.

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