Doha Municipality Conduct Inspection In Food Outlets

Doha Municipality conducted around 8,000 inspection drives at food outlets during the first quarter of this year. The municipality inspectors also shut down 55 food establishments for violating Law No. 8 of 1990 on the regulation of human food control.

The ‘Meat Inspection Unit’ at the Health Control Section of the municipality checked 11,5000 slaughtered animals, among them 832 were destroyed after finding them unfit for human consumption.

The veterinarians also checked 74,474kg of fish at various outlets and also destroyed 1,032kg. Meanwhile, Al Shamal Municipality inspected all shops selling and handling foodstuffs.

As many as 22 inspection drives were conducted, in order to know the extent of shops’ commitment to implementing health requirements. About 19 slaughtered animals were examined at Al Shamal abattoir and also checked the quality of 3,36 kg of fish.

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