Doha Weekly Weather Forecast: June 2nd – June 9th

With the sunny days coming back, the temperatures are rising and This Is Qatar has got your covered.

Here is the weekly weather forecast in Doha, Qatar from 2nd June 2020 – 9th June 2020.

June 2nd 2020: Highest – 44°C, Lowest – 31°C

June 3rd 2020: Highest – 44°C, Lowest  – 32°C

June 4th 2020: Highest – 44°C, Lowest – 33°C

June 5th 2020: Highest – 43°C, Lowest – 33°C

June 6th 2020: Highest – 42°C, Lowest – 33°C

June 7th 2020: Highest – 41°C, Lowest – 31°C

June 8th 2020: Highest – 41°C, Lowest – 28°C

June 9th 2020: Highest – 37°C, Lowest – 27°C

For more information, please visit: Doha weather

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