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Dominos Qatar: Safe, Fast and Utter Fresh Deliciousness

In these extraordinary circumstances, Domino’s top priority is the wellbeing of its team members and customers.

Hence, they have strengthened and taken additional measures to ensure to deliver safe, freshly prepared food.

  • Team members’ temperature are taken at the start and end of every shift ensuring that everyone is at the best of health
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing of all team members. In addition, everyone on shift including delivery drivers are required to wear masks and gloves with the latter being changed after preparation of each order
  • Increased frequency of disinfection of all food contact surfaces as well as delivery bags, and other surfaces that are frequently touched by team members
  • It is also important to note that all products are cooked at 450°F, and to reinforce this message, all food being delivered will have a TAMPER PROOF SEAL guaranteeing that your orders are cooked at 450°F

Dominos Qatar

Freshly baked Domino’s pizzas, sides and dessert were recently delivered at “This Is Qatar” and we must say it has exceeded every expectation. We were excited to devour our favourite pizzas, knowing they were baked fresh and delivered safely to us.

Dominos Qatar

We started the feast with some of Domino’s delectable pizzas such as Dynamite Philly Cheese Steak, a great upgrade of your usual Philly Cheese Steak pizzas, their own speciality Chicken Legend Ranch & Jalapeno, Kickers pizzas with a drizzle of BBQ sauce and for the meat lovers: Meatzza.

Of course, we didn’t shy away from Domino’s delicious sides, we had Domino’s famous Chicken Kickers, the hint of Buffalo flavour will keep you wanting more. Classic BBQ Wings, and perfectly baked Dynamite Chicken with a drizzle of dynamite sauce and lastly Chicken Fajita bread.

And this feast won’t be complete without a sweet ending, we are talking about Chocolate Lava Soufflé, if you haven’t tried it then you are missing a lot. It’s worth every calorie.

Dominos Qatar


With strict measures in place to guarantee the safety and a promise to deliver high-quality delicious food, Domino’s is definitely a great choice while you stay home.

Ordering is super easy just visit

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