Download Ehteraz App For Coronavirus Updates, Now Available In Apple App Store

During the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management (SCCM) meeting held on 9th April 2020, H E Lulwah Al-Khater announced that Qatar was going to launch ‘Ehteraz’ – a smartphone application which would perform multiple services to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“For your safety and the safety of your community, download Ehteraz App available now on App Store & soon on Android.”H E Lulwah Al-Khater tweeted.

The Ehteraz app, which will help track disease transmission chains, alert individuals and stakeholders to expedite the provision of medical support and prioritizing testing, is now available for download in Apple app store. The app will be soon available on Android play store also.

“Ehteraz is your trusted smart application to follow up on the latest updates of coronavirus in Qatar. Ehteraz has been designed and developed in the Ministry of Interior to support all categories of the Qatari community to spread the health awareness tips and techniques as well as the protection methods that are necessary to halt the outbreak of coronavirus. This smart tool is also meant to give a hand to those people that are responsible for their families in their endeavours to protect their love ones, and to support healthcare and related entities in order to protect the safety of individuals and that of the Qatari community from this pandemic virus at large,” the app info page stated.

There are three main aims of the Ehteraz App:

  1. To strengthen prevention measures and limit the spread of the coronavirus. The application assists in identifying disease transmission chains, alerting individuals and stakeholders to expedite the provision of medical support and prioritizing testing.
  2. Show the latest developments and statistics.
  3. Receive awareness instructions.

The Ehteraz app will ensure:

  1. Follow-up on those who are in quarantine and ensure their permanent presence at home or hotel during the period.
  2. Official bodies can reach as quickly as possible the persons suspected of being infected and provide the necessary health care for the same.
  3. Will alert if coming in contact with infected people. Using a QR Code, the app will colour-tag and show if individuals are in quarantine, tested, negative, positive of coronavirus. By sourcing health information automatically from competent authorities, the profile of each user is linked to the QR code shown according to the following categories:

Green: Healthy individuals with no symptoms or those with negative outcomes.
Grey: Suspected cases, individuals who have symptoms, or are in contact with positive cases and have not been examined.
Yellow: It is intended for personnel in quarantine facilities.
Red: For individuals who have been tested and the result is positive.

To download the Ehteraz app, please visit: Ehteraz App

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