Drink Water, Save Water

22nd March 2020 marks World Water Day.

With the current circumstances due to the spread of the pandemic coronavirus, clean water is a necessity in every home. Let’s talk about the benefits of clean water:

  • Washing your hands

To curb the spread of the coronavirus, it is essential to wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with clean water. However, while washing your hands, please remember to be mindful about the environment and not waste unnecessary water. The best strategy while washing hands is to wet your hands with water, close the water faucet and proceed to apply soap. Once you have thoroughly rubbed your hands with soap for 20 seconds, rinse the soap with clean water. During this process, let us all be conscious of running water and try to minimise our wastage.

WHO handwash

  • Flushing Out The Coronavirus

Although this is not a fool-proof suggestion, drinking ample amounts of water and keeping your throat moist can sometimes flush out the coronavirus. If you have come in contact with someone infected with coronavirus, drinking water can sometimes prevent the virus from infecting you as well.

The coronavirus can sit in your throat for upto four days before invading the lungs. During this time, drinking ample amounts of water can flush down the virus to your stomach. Once the virus reaches your stomach, the acids formed naturally and internally in our body can kill the virus.

Again, there are circumstances where the virus can reach your nostrils before it reaches your throat. Drinking water is not a cure for coronavirus, it is just a precautionary measure we can take against the coronavirus.

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