Dukhan Bank: Manage Your Stocks Using Mobile Banking Application

With a keenness to continuously enhance services through its mobile application, Dukhan Bank the first player in the industry to integrate with a trading service that will be offered on its mobile application. This lies within the bank’s endeavours to match its customers’ demands for online trading services.

The trading service is powered by The Group Securities (Licensed by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority), Qatar-based online trading platform, which allows customers to view real-time market data, place buy and sell stocks with a few taps, evaluate their portfolio, and analyse market at their fingertips and with utmost convenience.

The mobile application will offer the ‘My Stocks’ feature, under which customers can access their Group account to manage their portfolio. 

Commenting on the launch of the feature, Dukhan Bank stated:

“With the updates on our mobile app, Dukhan Bank aims to step into the future of digital banking by offering our customers a whole array of services they can access real-time, and at their own convenience. The integration of trading services through The Group Securities’ Platform is in line with Dukhan Bank’s robust digital transformation which continues emphatically with a concrete focus on increasing the channels that our customers can use to meet their daily banking needs.  Thus, we look forward to constantly improving our mobile app by adding new features that make the tool comprehensive, powerful, & user-friendly for all our customers.”

Through a one-time registration, customers can link their Group account with Dukhan Bank and speedily access their account with a single sign-in. Moreover, customers can transfer funds seamlessly and securely through their Dukhan Bank accounts to The Group and vice versa and trade on the Qatar Stock Exchange.

The Group Securities Company added: 

“This integration will allow investors wishing to trade on the Qatar Stock Exchange to access the platforms through Dukhan Bank. The service is in compliance with the requirements of the Qatar Financial Markets Authority in terms of supervision and combating money laundering, ensuring client’s utmost safety when making financial transactions on the app.”

This service is the latest in its active expansion of online banking products and services. It joins in a series of new enhancements on the mobile application including access to Time Deposit, Wealth Management Account, and Foreign Currency Account services. Recently, the bank also launched Dukhan Pay (D-Pay), its contactless payment platform, under which it released wearable bracelets that enable customers to make contactless payments via Fitbit and Garmin devices.

The mobile application is available for use by customers on all smart devices that are compatible with iOS and Android. Registered account holders and new customers can download the mobile application to benefit from its functions.

For more information about the new mobile application, please visit Dukhan Bank’s website: or call: 800 8555.

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