e-Services by Ministry of Public Health Qatar

Qatar has a well-established health care system that will provide the most effective and advanced health care to its people and to become a model for the world to follow.

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has launched an official Health Research
Governance platform recently. This paves the way to facilitate interaction between
the department and all institutions and research facilities in Qatar and abroad.

The Health Research Governance Department at the ministry is responsible for
organizing and monitoring all kinds of health researches in Qatar.

The heart of Qatar’s strategic vision for the future is helping people achieve their full potential, thereby benefiting the individuals, their families, the community and the nation.

The health department also mentions the following as services to the Public for a healthy environment.

Qatar to enhance the wellness of the people here so that a vibrant, healthy, and productive society can be established for today and for the future. The essence of that program is ’Caring for the Future’. This means promoting public health, encouraging healthy lifestyles, providing community-based primary care.

Also ensuring that, when needed, some of the world’s most advanced and highest quality care is available in tertiary(which is) medical facilities. These tertiary facilities will not only provide quality care but also are expected to be research leaders on the frontiers of science.


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