Enhanced Camping & Desert Experience – Al Enna Project.

For Qatar, this is the season of camping and beautiful weather. Tourists from around the world visit Qatar for the extraordinary experience of camping, wildlife and nightlife activities. In a recent press conference held at the Sheraton Doha Hotel, several key organizations came together to announce the upcoming project ‘Al Enna’ which is an Arabic word for ‘camping ground.’ With this project, the officials are looking forward to making the camping experience for residents and visitors safer than usual. The Al Enna project will ensure that this development brings more safety to the people and enhances the experiences of the activities at the same time for the campers visiting the Sealine and the Inland Sea.

The ‘Al Enna’ project is going to run from the 1st of November till the 31st March and the partners of this organization include The Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), Qatar Centre for Motorcycles (Batabit), Mawater, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Municipality & Environment and The Public Works Authority (Ashghal). The agenda of these organizations through ‘El Anna’ is to ensure safety towards the Sealine and Inland sea as these places face the maximum number of visitor and resident interaction while they continue to protect the wildlife in this area and provide access to several services and amenities to the campers, making it a memorable winter visit.

With the help of the business owners in this area, camp owners, youth committees and security forces, this place underwent through research and had a survey to understand the possible business potential and get a holistic view towards the scale and scope of the project. After the analysis, a two-part mechanism adopted to bring a conclusion towards the project.
The first part focused on the overall desert and camping experiences and how it can be enhanced, while the second part focused on developing the infrastructure and extending the campground to source additional services in 200 grounds at the Sealine. This two-part plan focused on both services and infrastructure to enhance the experience of every individual.

As a part of the infrastructure enhancement, the area will have a special ATV sports zone to ensure the safety of the visitors and residents who will be camping across the area. The built-up structure shall comprise over 300,000 sqm area and will have approximately 28 motorcycles rental unit with 8 ATV tracks (For all advanced riders, intermediate riders, and beginners and for the ladies).

Along with the infrastructure development, the wildlife area shall also have new beginnings of wildlife nursery spread across on a 326,000 sqm fenced area to reintroduce the flora and fauna which had been severely affected due to the previous camping. Along with these changes, the project also promises recyclable materials and cutleries to ensure the waste management in cafes and restaurants remain under control.

With the drastic development of Al Enna, Qatar will now see a significant development of an area accommodating approximately 15,000 people including cafes, shaded areas, restaurants, family areas, children area, fitness centers and much more. Al Enna also has plans for a unique entertainment zone that shall include theatres for cultural activities, poetry nights and more inspirational events.

If you’ve visited Qatar in the past, this is your chance to make another trip and experience a whole new camping experience. And if you haven’t visited yet, this is the time to make a plan. With the developments of Al Enna, Qatar will continue to be the city with winter sunshine with extra security, infrastructure and better experience of every activity.

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