The Exquisite Grand Bazaar Ramadan Tent of Hilton Doha

Hilton Doha has made its mark with its glorious Ramadan tents. This year, the hotel’s Grand Bazaar Tent has now transformed itself to a marvelous venue that consists of ornate-detailed decorations, with stylish private majlis spaces and dining tables.

As Ramadan is the time where we all spend as much time as possible with our family, and we can’t think of a better way to spend it at stunning Ramadan tents. The Hilton’s Grand Bazaar Ramadan Tent has become a show-stopper with its extravagant setup.

The setting of the Hilton’s Ramadan tent embodies the spirit and ambience of the Middle East, emphasizing its traditions. Upon entering, you will be greeted and welcomed by staff wearing traditional attire that reflects upon the setting.

Hilton DohaHilton Doha






As for the buffet, it has over 50 stands that serve Arabic and International dishes, eight live cooking stations and a striking dessert station with authentic Arabian delights for your sweet tooth to enjoy. Moreover, it is worth noting that the buffet has a rotating menu so each day brings along a new experience!

Each station has its own special significance. As you walk through, you are coming across a memorable culinary journey all together through the aromatic spices, viewing the action behind the live cooking, and the sweet scents of the desserts. The variety available throughout the Ramadan tent is exclusively arranged by Hilton Doha’s talented and internationally-acclaimed chefs. Although the focus is predominantly Arabian, visitors also have the choice of trying flavorful international varieties. The Asian section is not to be missed, as there are numerous classic dishes such as the Peking Dish and Wok Noodles.

Hilton Doha

Don’t miss out on the chance for a unique Ramadan dining experience before it ends! The Ramadan Bazaar Tent is the ideal place to gather your friends and family to savor and enjoy plenty of mouthwatering dishes.

Price points:

Iftar – QAR 195
Suhoor – QAR 225

For more information and reservations, visit www.doha.hilton.com,  call 44233222, or send an email to [email protected].

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