Facing heat illness during work

Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced several measures on ways to prevent heat illness on its social media accounts, due to the rise in temperatures in summer.

Some of these measures include drinking cool water frequently, taking some time for yourself to recover from the summer heat, giving yourself some breaks in a shady or cool place, and wearing hats and light-coloured, breathable clothes.

The Ministry said on its social media account: “Monitor yourself and others for signs of heat illness. Change your face covering if it gets wet or soiled. Verbally check on others frequently.”

MoPH also said it was essential to slowly ease into work for both new and returning workers. This is to ensure individuals are able to acclimatise to the temperature. Additionally, the ministry also asked the public to take note of the 20% rule.

The 20% rule states that: “On the first day, work no more than 20% of the shift’s duration at full intensity in the heat. Increase the duration of time at full intensity by no more than 20% a day until workers are used to working in the heat.”

First aid tips were also shared by the MoPH, as well as signs of medical emergency due to heat illness. This includes abnormal thinking or behaviour, slurred speech, seizures and loss of consciousness, headache, nausea, weakness or dizziness, heavy sweating, hot and dry skin, increase body temperature, thirst and low urine output.

It advised the public to immediately call emergency services, cool the individual affected using water and ice and stay with them.

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