Falah the Falcon Mascot at IAAF Championship

Falah the official mascot is all dressed in the Qatari flag’s maroon colour is of the World Athletics Championships Doha 2019.

He was created by Theodore Paul Manuel, a Filipino expat who has been calling Qatar home since 2010.

He was unveiled at a specially-held ceremony featuring 490 children who engaged in a series of fun activities to celebrate the launch of Falah with the help of Team Qatar’s 400M runner Mariam Farid and a group of Aspire Academy’s promising athletes.

The selection of Falah followed a thorough and detailed process in which a total of 21 sketches were submitted to the Local Organising Committee (LOC) from residents of Qatar before a multi-staged voting process took place to decide the winner.

Ten young ambassadors aged 8-16 were invited to vote for their favourite designs. Falah, a character with close connections to the Qatari culture and heritage, was then picked as the eventual winner.


  1. Competitive

Have you met Falah yet?! Raise your hand if you are excited to meet him. He is the cool mascot for World Athletics Championships. Be careful though; he is as competitive as superheroes!

  1. Courageous

Falah flies over stadiums to watch heroes compete in athletics. He is that courageous and always got your back!

  1. Fun

Falah is fun, cheerful and just so cool. You will enjoy being around him.

  1. Helpful

Falah gently looks after others. He is as helpful as your favorite superhero.

  1. Loyal

Falah is loyal and honest. He is the best friend to have!

SOurce: IAAF Championship

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