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The Qatar National Library is a non profit organisation which hais under the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The Qatar National Library or the QNL has a three fold functionality as follows: Firstly the national library section which provides contents relevant to different Qatar regions. Secondly, the education and research section is included in the university and research library. Thirdly, the general public’s reading interests is met by library resources provided by the modern central public library.

As of October 2016, Dr Sohair Wastawy was delegated as the executive director of QNL. The library offers both online as well as offline experience for users. The QNL holds different exhibitions relevant to areas of arts, culture and history. The Qatar Foundation, QNL, and the British library partnered up together to form the Qatar Digital Library (QDL), which seeks to digitalize the Arab and Islamic History and making it freely accessible to the public.

The Qatar Digital Library (QDL) has both, an English as well as a Arabic bilingual interface. The QNL is expanding with new buildings built on November 2017 and also has a cafe which was opened in September 2018. The QNL membership is free as long as the users have a valid Qatar ID.

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