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Frame Coffee – Unwind Yourself Over A Sip Of Coffee.

Frame Coffee couldn’t be a more fitting environment for those looking for a cozy place with an intimate atmosphere. It has a charming vibe, and the location is both calm and inviting. Flat white and honey cake are the must-have delicacies and will be one of the cafés famous among the coffee lovers. Whether it is a solo unwind or an evening getaway with friends, Frame Coffee sets the mood for all occasions with its relaxed ambiance and wonderfully flavorsome heavenly coffee.

To get the best sense of what Frame coffee offers, you just have to go through their menu, and it certainly presents a beautiful feeling. Fear not for your pockets though! All items are quite affordable and have enough variety to satisfy even a picky eater. We managed to try a variety of delicacies. Apart from coffee (Flat white & Iced Special), we ordered the Japanese Cheesecake, Honey Cake, Victoria Cake, Chicken& Avocado sandwich.

The Japanese Cheesecake and the Honey Cake seem to have won our hearts! The Japanese cheesecake is super soft, would say fluffy and has a smooth texture that instantly drew our palates towards it. Our next fav, Honey Cake – Topped with biscuit crumbs this multi-layered cake has a cream filling that blends in with the sweetness of honey, making it extraordinarily delicious and subtly sweet. It does create quite a craving for it. It is a perfect dessert to be had with a cup of coffee. Victoria Cake is pretty delicious cake with its sponge being soft and sweet and filled with raspberry spread. Even thought the raspberry spread wasn’t towards the sweet side, the sweetness of the sponge balanced the overall taste of the cake and  compensated the sourness of the spread.

The chicken and avocado sandwich is a tasty sandwich with a great combo of chicken and avocado. Every bite is a satisfaction to the palate, the juicy tenderness of the chicken and the creaminess of the avocado and the crunchiness of the lettuce along with the flavors of the condiments is a flavor bomb sandwich. The bread was super fresh and crispy, and honestly, it did elevate the taste factor of the sandwich.

Last but not the least on the menu, we tried out their flat white coffee, which has the fantastic combination of milk, and coffee with the right amount of microfoam layers. Without any doubt, we figured out that it will be one of their best sellers very soon and is undoubtedly a must try if you plan to visit the cafe soon. It has a captivating aroma and mesmerizing taste, which would satisfy any coffee lover. As it is said, the flavor of the coffee relies greatly only on the quality of coffee beans and other ingredients used. It was not surprising to know that their coffee beans came from Outpost Roasters in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Not to forget the iced special coffee, this specialty coffee is for souls that love cold coffee. As all the avid coffee lovers say “It’s all the beans and roasting.”

There is nothing pretentious about the venue, and it has the right blend of sophistication without making you feel out of place. The clientele is a balanced mix of friends, couples, and tourists. In short, we loved our first experience at Frame Coffee, and it was unique. Their flat white coffee and honey cake are topnotch, and you would find yourself going to this place often to satisfy your palates. The staffs were friendly and competent, and the service is lovely and heartwarming too. Visit the cafe to indulge in heavenly delicacies.

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