Gear Up With TIQ – The New Porsche Macan

The New Porsche Macan
ENGINE 2.0-I Petrol Engine
0 TO 100KM/H 6.7s




The Porsche Macan has been a great success since its launch in 2014 and has now been enhanced in terms of design, comfort, connectivity and driving dynamics resulting to the sport flagship in its segment.


Exterior design:

Staying true to the Porsche design DNA, the new Macan features a 3-D LED tail light and led matrix headlight that forms part of the PDLS.

The new Macan also has an optimized chasis with new tires and wheels. The new Macan still features staggered tires with different widths on the front and rear axles. This allows the driver to take full advantage of the intelligent all-wheel drive Porsche traction management when driving dynamics matters.

Around the SUV, numerous details reflects the DNA of the iconic 911 and the 918 spyder sport cars.

New exterior colors such as Miami blue, mamba green metallic, dolomite silver, metallic and crayon combined with the interior packages ensure that the Macan is now more customizable than ever before. Other exterior features include; active grille shutters, 360 camera, unibody construction and comfort access.


Interior and equipment:

The most striking innovation inside the vehicle includes a configurable 10.9inch full-HD touch screen called the Porsche communication management, redesigned & repositioned air vents. Extra comfort equipment added includes an ionizer and windscreen heater.

Above the typical Porsche rising console is an analogue compass that has a digital clock and an altimeter.

Other interior features include: a panoramic roof, 3-zone climate control.

Newbie Porsche owners may experience brief disorientation. It could take a few mornings to get used to the German luxury-sport cars ignition switch being to the left of the steering wheel, outboard of the driving position, not inboard like every other make of car in the known universe.


The Macan  has a 10.9-inch central touchscreen, but most vital functions, such as climate control and vehicle settings, can be controlled using an array of buttons and switches clustered around the shifter. Porsche also included an all-important volume knob. The screen itself is easy to use, with a vertical menu on the left side that provides one-touch access to important functions, such navigation and phone paring, without having to hit the “home” button.


As the builder of legendary sports cars like the 911, and with decades of success in racing, performance is what sets Porsche apart from other brands. It may spend most of its time hauling groceries and idling contently in the Starbucks’ drive-thru, but to be a true Porsche, the Macan needed to have the right moves.

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