Getting Warmed Up For The Arabian Gulf Cup Semi-Finals

As the semi-finals of the Arabian Gulf Cup with Qatar vs KSA take place tomorrow, the 5th of December – we are thrilled to witness the action!

The first semi-finals will be Iraq vs Bahrain, taking place in Jassim bin Hamad Stadium at 5pm.

The second semi-final match, which is Qatar vs KSA is going to take place in Al Janoub Stadium at 8 PM.

Tickets of the Arabian Gulf Cup can be purchased at:

We are very proud of how far Qatar has come for the Arabian Gulf Cup.

2019 truly has been a remarkable year for Qatar in terms of Football, starting with being the champions of the Asian Cup 2019.

Here is a list of places to watch the semi-finals:

  1. Lavazza, The Gate Mall
  2. Mall of Qatar
  3. Katara
  4. Tawar Mall
  5. Lagoona Mall
  6. Sama Lounge at City Centre Rotana

Let us express our support for #TeamQATAR!

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