Gibbs Amphibian & Madaeen Al Doha To Establish Gibbs AmphiTech

Founders Alan Gibbs and Chairman Neil Jenkins of Gibbs Amphibian, the worlds leading company in the development of high speed amphibious vehicles and technologies, along with Partner Mohammed Al-Sada and GM Kassem Ajineh from Madaeen Al Doha Group, announced a strategic partnership between the two in order to establish  Gibbs AmphiTech in Qatar.

For more than 20 years, Gibbs Amphibian have been developing high speed amphibious technology since 1994. From then they have developed over 8 vehicles the award winning Aquada in 2003, the Humdinga in 2005, the Phibian in 2012, the Quadski in 2013, Quadski XL in 2014 as well as the Biski, Triski, and the Terraquad.

Gibbs Amphibians attended the Milipoli Qatar in 2018 with the Humdinga following recent demonstrations the past week. The Humdinga is one of Gibbs most robust vehicles, with the option of having 3 or 6 passenger seating, the 7 meter long vehicle is capable of reaching land speed of over 80 mph and water speed of just over 30 mph optimal and for first responder situation. It is a diverse vehicle that can be used in many field, from commercial usage such search and rescue, police and military usage, as well as recreational use, the Humdinga is certified and designed to meet all safety standards on road and water and capable of carrying out its task’s rapidly and efficiently.

Gibbs Amphibian and Madaeen Al Doha are planning to establish Gibbs AmphiTech in Qatar, A center of excellence to develop new and current technologies. Along with the center of excellence, Gibbs AmphiTech will be assembling The Humdinga as well as supplying the vehicle, this center will be the first of its kind in the region. Representative of the British Embassy wished Gibbs Amphibian and Madaeen Al Doha Group all the best on this venture, as the described it is one of the best examples of world class engineering looking to seek for strategic partnerships in Qatar to further develop ties.

With this venture on its way, This is another pivotal milestone to add into developing Qatar’s 2030 vision.


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