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Giss Gifts established in 23rd February 2014 in Doha, Qatar aiming to serve the people, who want to send gifts to their beloved ones, with a tone of customization that can radiate the real emotion of the sender. A unique style of sending gifts, customization on every spectrum of possibilities, leading the way in gift and gift courier service.  A wide variety of gift items available, matching to the trend of the time in gold and silver plated accessories, further augmented with designer printed dresses and much more.

There are many ways a unique gift can choose for a special occasion. One approach may be looking on his/her social networking sites like Facebook/Twitter to get an idea of what the friend likes. The gift must be given with observation, keeping in mind the personality of the person, his/her likes, and dislikes, meant for a good cause bringing along a smile in the face.

Giss Gifts come to the solution when choosing a gift. They have an extensive collection of items like jewelry and accessories, clothing and shoes, home and living, wedding & party, toys and entertainment, art and craft, collectibles and vintage items. It gives an intimate feel and affection than that which is bought and packed from the market. It expresses our gratefulness in a better way and what more can be better than preparing a surprise. It creates awe when your friend comes to know that all the effort has been made just for him/her to feel special and wanted.

They have personalized items that you can customize at your ease and whims in broad categories like books, music, films, videos, home decoration, living, lifestyle, clothing and garments and collectibles from art and craft that are either handmade or vintage. Giss Gifts offers door delivery gift services, which is quick and efficient. They also offer gift delivery service with an assurance to deliver on that particular auspicious day, when you want to have the gift delivered even in your absence, and it doesn’t matter, how far you are in which continent are you. You can place orders through WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networking sites that are easy and simple.  They offer a variety of customized gifts such as Couples customized necklaces, Flowers, Balloons, a Special message grafted gifts, which can make the celebration something special.

Besides in the customized section, you can find the Customized Magic Mugs, which lets you put any pic or writing on the mug, and it gradually appears when you fill up the mug. Customized Senior Jacket, with a personalized design embroidered with beautiful monograms of your choice, your handmade customized bracelets, in gold or silver plated, special day celebration pentons, Customized covers, customized key chains and a lot more, which is the one only gift shops in Doha, Qatar, stand unique.

You can purchase the Giss Gifts online irrespective of your geographical presence. The customized gift can be lamp, cushion, and clock for events like birthdays, messages in bottles, newspapers, mug, and cards for anniversary, glasses, jewelry and caricatures for Special Days and not to forget nameplates and dresses for anniversaries and religious events.  A special message also can also be included along with your gift order, which can make the gift very special.

A new trend of gold and silver plated best quality gifts and accessories is also available. High class and fashionable, creative printing designs like e-3D laptop stickers are a huge craze in the market. Gift accessories and printing on all types of clothes, T-shirts, hoodies, uniforms, jackets, etc., make your gift option unlimited. You can always find something matching your requirement.

It is a unique concept, with a sense of personal touch on every gift you want to send across to your beloved ones, and the services offered are truly impeccable. In the gift market, nothing can beat Giss Gifts, in terms of quality, promptness, personal touch and value for money.

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