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Go Virtual Qatar – Immerse Into The World Of VR

Go Virtual Qatar is one of the sophisticated virtual gaming centres, established in August 2017. Go Virtual offers state of the art video gaming experience for all age groups which makes it a popular destination for people who love to indulge in quality entertainment. A realm of high-speed racing experiences supported with stunning environment allows you to immerse into a world of fantasy which is otherwise impossible to experience in real life.

VR Racing simulations open up the possibility to experience the unexpected, unexplainable thrill you can enjoy in the form of virtual reality. It lets you be a Formula 1 driver as it allows you to take a seat with the Oculus Rift. The moment you engage with the 360 VR Racing simulation, you will be at the centre of the race circuit with cheering bystanders.

At Go Virtual, apart from the Racing Simulation, the Gaming Centre offers more than 10 VR Games exclusively arranged in 10 specially designed VR simulators. The interior and layout of the simulators give an incredible gaming sense, and in the Go Virtual Vesaro Racing Simulators, it can accommodate multi-players or single player at a time in one circuit, which lets gamers compete between each other as if they are exploring the real circuit possibilities.

At Go Virtual Qatar, which is a key attraction also engages people from every segment of the community. The F1 simulator allows you to experience, everything in real terms, cleverly deceiving your sense as if you are driving an F1 formula car with real onboard operation features, to have full control while driving the virtual F1 simulator.

F1 experience is for people who would love to drive an elite class hyper cars and feel the adrenaline rush. People who would like to immerse in the virtual reality of PlayStation fun, you should not miss visiting Go Virtual Qatar. A variety of virtual games, with stunning graphics on  high-resolution digital headed mounted display, lets you enjoy the vivid possibilities of Fruit Ninja, Rock Climbing, Duck Season, Shooting Games, Sub Nautica, Arizona Sunshine and much more. Anyone could find a game that best matches their interest in the PS4 booth.

GoV Qatar organizes regular tournaments and competitions. The upcoming event of the FIFA19 Championship is currently open for registration until the 8th November 2018. The winner will be awarded prize money of QR. 5,000. The tournament will be held from the 11th of November 2018 until the 14th of November 2018. The participation ticket is priced at QR. 100 per head and only 64 participants can take part in this competition. GoV Qatar frequently hosts various gaming competitions, letting the public to take part and enjoy every moment of their life.

GoV Qatar also offers 50% seasonal discounts for students, the staff of Universities, Colleges and Schools. People who are willing to enjoy the discount facilities can get in touch with the organizers and confirm the availability of the scheme, as they are subjected to change. GoV Qatar also accepts online payments by various means, and participants can book their tickets and gaming positions through QGrabs, which is a Doha based online ticket service provider.

Virtual games are the present day reality. It offers a variety of games meeting the interest of almost every participant, from racing cars, shooting, chasing, skill games, adventure, football, basketball, etc. Technology has made inroads into every aspect of our life. Virtual reality games enhance our indoor entertainment possibilities, and today we come across many gaming centres offering different kinds of games under one roof. Go Virtual Qatar is a family entertainment centre where everybody can enjoy quality leisure time.


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