Google Cloud Joins Communications Regulatory Authority Initiative To Make Remote Work Easy And Secure

Google Cloud has joined the remote working initiative that was launched by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) in cooperation with key players in Qatar’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

The CRA initiative launched at the end of March 2020, is taking a set of measures and providing offers and packages for technology services to help people of Qatar to work remotely from home easily and securely as precautionary measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Google Cloud will support businesses in Qatar to work remotely from home by offering them access to a select number of free services, such as free access until 30th September 2020 to Google Meet’s advanced video conferencing abilities for G Suite customers.

G Suite is an integrated solution that includes Gmail, Calendar, and Chat. It also includes high-fidelity video conferencing with Google Meet, and telephony with Google Voice, as well as powerful ways to collaborate in real-time with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In addition, Google is offering its Google Cloud learning resources such as their extensive catalogue of training courses, hands-on labs on “Qwiklabs”, and interactive webinars for free for 30 days; registration should be before 30th April 2020.

Businesses in Qatar can submit their requests for these products and services by reaching out to Google Cloud Head of Partners in the Middle East and North Africa at [email protected] or by contacting one of Google’s premier partners.

Their contact details are available on CRA’s website. For contact details, please visit: CRA

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