Government Communications Office: Steady Steps Taken Towards Qatar National Vision 2030

The Government Communications Office (GCO) released a video on their official Twitter account stating that Qatar is progressing and taking steps towards the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Qatar’s National Vision aims that – by 2030 – Qatar becomes an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its people. Qatar’s National Vision defines the long-term goals for the country and provides a framework in which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed.

The National Vision addresses five major challenges facing Qatar:

  • Modernisation and preservation of traditions
  • The needs of the current generation and of future generations
  • Managed growth and uncontrolled expansion
  • The size and quality of the expatriate labour force and the selected path of development
  • Economic growth, social development, and environmental management

The National Vision foresees development through four interconnected pillars:


For more information, please visit: GCO – Qatar National Vision 2030


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