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Gravity By Amal Al Athem At Anima Gallery

Amal Al Athem has presented yet another spellbinding exhibition ‘Gravity’ at Anima Gallery, Qatar. The exhibition opened up on 9th April and will continue till 30th April. It’s a solo exhibition that delves deep into the psyche of women and handholds them towards a spiritual journey. The dynamic color coordination brings out the clarity of the clear blue sky, purity of the earth’s soil, and tenderness of the sea. Amal has successfully narrated a tale of cosmic gravity combining personal experiences and public folk tales.The placement of the paintings sets the tone of the exhibition, and the credit goes to the organizers of the gallery.

Amal has used her paintbrush to depict the story of every woman with spirituality. Her painting elucidates a symbol of the cosmic gravity which is the source of creation of the Universe. Abstract gestures have used to emanate her latent emotions.  As you walk around Anima Gallery, you are pleasantly surprised by the placement of the paintings. You get absorbed in the paintings and allow yourself to get completely immersed in the feelings associated with it.

She has started her journey in 1986 from High Institute of Dramatic Art in Kuwait. Meanwhile, she acquired her graduation certificate in 1995 from Qatar University. She is a certified interior designer and participated in various exhibitions across the world. Her first private exhibition was held in Bahrain in the year 2000 and was widely appreciated.

Amal’s academic and professional excellence had complimented her in different ways. She held many responsible administrative positions and also became a minister of education, culture, art, and heritage. Amal was the head of the department of the visual art center in the ministry of culture, art and heritage in 2010-2011. She has received many acclamations for all her local and international exhibitions and honored with many awards for her extensive work in paintings and sculpting.

The pattern and tone of the paintings are spiritual and pretty much sophisticated. The captivating style of Amal is a milieu of coherent colors, embarking on a spiritual journey, and search for an individual identity in a complex world. You cannot help but get intrigued by the poetic tone of the paintings. The subtle use of colors in depicting cosmic gravity has shaped up the painting as a dramatic pattern of many Universes. Amal has become more of a seasoned artist and has evolved successfully with time. She draws her inspiration from the landscape and imagery figures. Figures in Amal’s painting are a materialistic portray of women in an undeclared geographic patch revealing her spiritual quest.

Amal’s sculptures are a hypnotic melody of bold figures that compels you to set on a journey along with her. The mesmerizing tone of Amal’s painting compels us to take a tour of the entire Anima Gallery without any break. The general feeling of transcending the boundary, entering into an infinite space lasts long even after the exhibition is wrapped up.

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